Daniel Raskin

Author:Daniel Raskin

New Products. New Paths to Connected Identity.

Our development theme this release has been “configuration over customization.”   We designed configurable services so features like social sign on can be added to your application or service in minutes.   We recognize that technology is rapidly changing how we deliver products and services to our customers, making it clearer than...

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Eve Maler

Author:Eve Maler

Taking heart about the future of identity

By Eve Maler, ForgeRock VP of Innovation and Emerging Technology A lot of us doing digital identity know that innovation in this space comes in fits and starts. There have been times when the twice-yearly Internet Identity Workshops felt like exercises in marking time: Okay, if InfoCard isn’t quite it...

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Daniel Raskin

Author:Daniel Raskin

ForgeRock Shortlisted as 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers

Today I woke up to delightful news.  CIOReview shortlisted ForgeRock  as one of the 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers. That’s right, CIO “analyzed over  3500 companies providing solutions for various Oracle  products and … short listed companies that are at the forefront of tackling [Oracle] customer challenges.” On the...

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