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ForgeRock Open Identity Stack FAQ

What Products constitute the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack?
The ForgeRock Open Identity Stack consists of three core products:

Is ForgeRock’s Open Identity Stack open source?
Yes. The ForgeRock Open Identity stack is a 100 percent open source solution. Our source code is made available under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) Version 1.0, produced by Sun Microsystems and based on the Mozilla Public License (MPL), version 1.1.

What are the conditions for the ForgeRock CDDL License?
The CDDL license is an Open Source Initiative approved license. The terms of the CDDL license can be read here.

Can I access ForgeRock Open Identity Stack source code?
Yes. As part of the CDDL license, we make all ForgeRock Open Identity Stack source code publicly available. It can be obtained by either emailing us at or downloading from

What is a ForgeRock Open Identity Stack Enterprise Release?
ForgeRock’s enterprise products are fully-productized, off-the-shelf IAM solutions that are developed, tested and supported by the ForgeRock engineering, services and support teams. Enterprise products are released under a commercial license that allow developers to freely use them in development environments, POCs or to simply “kick-the-tires.” For production use a subscription is required.

Do I need to pay to access an Enterprise Release?
No. Anyone can download our Enterprise releases at no cost and begin using it. We grant users an unlimited right to use enterprise products for developing, testing, prototyping and/or demonstrating applications. Production deployments require a subscription. In short, you pay at the point of value.

How do I access patches, updates and sustaining releases to an enterprise release?
Bug fixes, patches and maintenance releases are only available to subscription customers. They can be downloaded from the ForgeRock customer portal.

What does a ForgeRock subscription include?
ForgeRock subscriptions are a bundled offering that includes a software license, support and legal indemnification.

How does ForgeRock charge for subscriptions?
ForgeRock subscriptions are priced on a per user basis. Pricing varies based on whether it is being deployed for internal use or external use.

How can I purchase an Enterprise Subscription?
You can obtain a quote from a ForgeRock representative by contacting our sales team via our website.

When do I need to get a ForgeRock subscription?
A subscription license is required for when any product or component of the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack is used in a production environment. A subscription is not required for staging, testing, proof-of-concepts or application prototyping.

If I’m an existing customer, how does this affect me?
Existing subscriptions will continue to exist as is, and will be grandfathered until the contract is up for renewal. At renewal time, please work directly with your ForgeRock sales representative to discuss renewal options.

What makes ForgeRock’s development team unique?
ForgeRock’s powerful R&D is driven by a team of dedicated, experienced and passionate engineers who have deep experience in building out enterprise software products.  Many are pioneers in developing identity management and security products and were responsible for deploying some of the earliest identity management solutions. ForgeRock is focused on innovation through design, supporting the latest advancements such as OAuth2, REST, and SCIM services. With a subscription to the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack, our customers have access to enterprise-ready products as well as our team of leading engineers who are experienced in building and deploying highly scalable identity solutions.  

How often does ForgeRock release Enterprise product?
ForgeRock has a rapid and agile development process enabling updates every 6 to 12 months. Major releases are available every 12 months.  

Can I build my own binary from the commercial build source code? 
Yes, you can build your own binary from the Enterprise Build source code. As part of the CDDL license, ForgeRock makes the source available for the commercial binaries. Anyone can get the source we use to build the public binaries. IMPORTANT NOTE: The source we use to build the maintenance releases is not publicly shared. This is for subscription customers only on a per-request basis.

If I produce my own binary do I still need to buy a subscription?
No. You can build your own binary from the Enterprise Build source code without buying a subscription. However, support is available for commercial binaries only and you will not have access to maintenance releases.

Will all Open Identity Stack source code be made publicly available to open source community members?
The CDDL requires us to make the source code available to whomever the binaries are distributed. Under the new model, major releases (e.g., 10.0, 11.0, 12.0) will be made publicly available along with the source. Minor and maintenance releases and source will be made available to subscribing customers only. Non-customers will need to wait until the next major.