ForgeRock Bridge Service Provider Edition

Cloud Identity Bridge for the modern web.

The demands of today’s modern web require cloud service providers and business enterprises to work together to simply and securely extend customers’ user identity data from on-premises IAM infrastructure into next-gen cloud and mobile environments. Hybrid cloud environments like these are where we come in. Introducing the first Identity Bridge built for cloud service providers: ForgeRock Bridge Service Provider Edition (SPE).

With ForgeRock Bridge SPE, service providers can confidently address cloud integration and security concerns by extending the trusted business enterprise IAM framework into the cloud and across applications, making it easy for customers to launch new programs, services, and businesses that meet the high data security standards of the modern web.

ForgeRock Bridge SPE, a turnkey software appliance, gives cloud service providers a custom, on-premises appliance to federate identities between their enterprise customers and the services they offer, allowing them to deploy new enterprise services seamlessly and securely. Highly customizable and located on the customer’s own premises, ForgeRock Bridge SPE makes it easy for cloud service providers to provision, federate, and synchronize enterprise identities with new cloud services while also meeting the security needs of the modern web.

With ForgeRock Bridge, you can:

  • Increase SaaS / mobile service adoption by eliminating IDs and passwords
  • Provide audit trail of user activity across enterprise, cloud and mobile environments to meet compliance reporting requirements
  • Improve SaaS service utilization by detecting under or unused accounts
  • Reduce operational expenses associated with helpdesk password reset and improve service quality
  • Implement appliance model to provide immediate return on investment
  • ForgeRock Bridge Key Features

    User Provisioning Engine Instantly add and remove users on the fly as part of an access request or provisioning workflow.
    Federated Single Sign-On Standards-based authentication (SAML) for cloud service applications, mobile applications and personal property (i.e., cars).
    Identity Sync Real-time, automated user account sync between enterprise and cloud services.
    OAuth2 Authorization Service Standards-based authorization for SaaS applications, mobile applications and IP-connected devices (i.e., cars).
    Developer-Friendly REST API Simple, developer-friendly REST API that accelerates customization, integration and configuration.
    Desktop to Cloud SSO Automatically sign-in to a cloud service by validating Windows Desktop / Active Directory credentials, thereby allowing access to the cloud service without re-typing a username and password.
    Open Platform Built on the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack, ForgeRock Connect provides unparalleled flexibility and simple APIs, and supports open standards for building a personalized solution.
    Mobile and Cloud Service-Ready Provides a secure and transparent connection between cloud service, mobile devices and enterprise using the standards-based OAuth2 authorization service.
    Brand-Ready Designed to be easily modified to match service provider's brand and application look and feel, and to seamlessly integrate with existing service offerings.
    Simple Setup and Configuration Designed for easy, step-by-step configuration to reduce complexity and deployment costs.
    Flexible Architecture Customize bridge to support any enterprise identity source or target cloud app.
    Stand-alone Bridge Stand-alone appliance that integrates with any IAM infrastructure.
    Standards-based Solution Supports SAML and OAuth2 standards for easy integration between SaaS / cloud service and on-premise infrastructure. Provides a secure mechanism for authentication and authorization.
    Active Directory Sync Real-time synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory (AD). Add or remove a user from AD and they will immediately be added or removed from the cloud service.
    Auditing and Reporting Provides complete audit feature to report on user and group data managed between the two systems. The system can log and report on all authentication and federation events to support compliance requirements.