Traditional approaches to accessing identity data are complex. OpenDJ provides developers with a choice.

Developers, rejoice! OpenDJ is the only 100 percent open-source big data platform that combines the security of a proven directory with the accessibility of a database. Lightweight and easy to embed, it allows you to easily share real-time identity data across enterprise, cloud, social and mobile environments - a practical necessity for managing today’s identity relationship management challenges (IRM). With OpenDJ, you no longer need to be an LDAP expert; choose either LDAP or REST to access identity data using a single solution that can replicate data across on and off-premise applications.

Check out the Ziggo and A Global Bank case studies to learn more about their transitions from Sun legacy products to the ForgeRock platform.


Learn more about the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack.

  • Impenetrable password protection. OpenDJ ensures passwords are never readable so hackers can't steal user credentials. It also protects organizations from malicious attacks and potential breaches.
  • Secure accessibility. Our flexible REST protocol provides developers with the power and security of a directory and the accessibility of a database.
  • Unlimited access to data. OpenDJ simplifies Internet-scale directory data replication across enterprise, cloud, social and mobile environments in a secure environment.