Don't let the sun go down on you.

Sun identity customers are facing eviction.

Enterprises using Sun OpenSSO, Sun Identity Manager (Oracle OpenSSO and Oracle Waveset) and Sun Directory Server EE (Oracle Directory Server EE) should know that in 2014, support for Sun OpenSSO and Sun Identity Manager will no longer be available. ForgeRock offers you the simplest solution: avoid a forced replacement while continuing to innovate on top of your existing identity investment.

  • No need to start new. ForgeRock provides a simple upgrade from Sun OpenSSO to OpenAM and ForgeRock OpenIDM runs seamlessly with the Sun Identity Connector Framework. 
  • Proven success. From provisioning to access controls, we've been moving customers from Sun to ForgeRock for the last 24 months. 
  • Open experiences. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. You can leverage our open-source community to find out how other community members have made the move.

Check out the Ziggo and A Global Bank case studies to learn more about their transitions from Sun legacy products to the ForgeRock platform.