Banding together and hitting the big time.

ForgeRock was founded in 2010 on a mere $40,000 in seed capital and the vision of five friends.

The frontman of the open identity stack, ForgeRock — backed by Accel Partners and Foundation Capital — powers the world's largest companies and government organizations with the most disruptive identity solutions. Our goal is simple: to deliver the best open source identity stack for securing anything, anywhere, on any device.

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Developing solutions is what we do. What drives us is a different story.

Naming the Band

Forge. As a noun, a forge is used by craftsmen to create strong, durable metal. As a verb, it means to build something with great effort, whether it be metal or a relationship built on trust. It's also the name of the pub in London where we drank Steve Ferris into a partnership.

Rock. Two of our passions: music and Kjerag, a Norwegian mountain near the company's founding headquarters where a boulder sits wedged between two rocks thousands of feet in the sky above water. This boulder inspired the ForgeRock logo and is a metaphor for the founding of the company: BASE jumpers from all over the world come here to take a chance and dive off the high cliffs.